A triptych about grass

Three paintings that reflect the current struggle over our green land. First; How I grew up as a child on a farm surrounded by the cows, second; how today the grass is mowed away from under the farmer’s feet and third; the urgent need to take better care of nature.


Painting 1: The friendly cow

Acrylic paint – 2022 –  50×70 cm

Am I, the cow sacred?

Is the grass weed?

Is the farmer a thing of the past?

Or will I be?

Where would you see a cow? In a museum on a painting from another century, maybe? Who will take care of our grass? Do you know?

Me: As an innocent child, liked growing up with cows surrounding the farm. Cows are nice animals and there is no anger in them.. I cannot imagine a Dutch landscape without cows.

Painting 2: The grass eater

Acrylic paint – 2022 – 50 x 70 cm

How does the green deal taste for the Dutch farmer? Like a plate with some tiny grass blades which smells like freshly cut grass? Or as the bitter taste of sadness and loss.

Me: The farmers I knew were hard workers, taking care of their land and animals, 24/7. But now the media is making them the black sheep of the current debate of too much shit.


Painting 3: Viritidas

Acrylic paint – 2023 – 50 x 70 cm

Time for change, let’s try not to direct nature but let it flow and grow. Let the farmers of the future nurture the grass. We need this hard-working human more than ever. And please do not forget the cows.

Me: I am not certain of what the future beholds. But I really hope that there is a farmer in all of us and we are surrounded by the green meadow.